Direct Distributor and Client Management

Mango Enterprise proficiently and professionally engages in international export activities.

We continuously look for new and unique products to add to our portfolio of brands. Naturally, unique products provide a competitive advantage and products not presently available in that territory give us a stronger platform for product placement and market penetration.

Over the years we have been approached by companies to take over the management and development of their leads/clients in the Middle East. Mango Enterprise is experienced in taking on the vetting of manufacturers' leads, completing due diligence by meeting prospective distributors from the region in person. Mango Enterprise then manages the entire supply chain—logistics, registration, and product support—for both these approved distributors and the manufacturers in the U.S. The brands we developed and introduce to the Middle East, over the years have become major recognized brands and players in their respective categories. If you don’t understand the MENA region, but want to participate in sharing your consumer goods with the large consumer base, contact us, and we will help you achieve these goals.